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Alex Kostritsa

About author
My name is Alex. For more than 10 last years I've been worked in the role of Project Manager in an Agile environment. I have experience working with different business domains including e-commerce, social networks, and gambling. As a Software Manager, I try to keep myself tuned and continue self-development.
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  • Odessa, Ukraine
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What is Scrum Master?

New to the meaning of what is Scrum Master and would like to understand what is a Scrum Master? If yes, then you are in the right place. There are a lot of gossips and different discussions on this role, but it’s hard to find a complete explanation that really explains the nature of this […]

PHPStorm with GIT Bash Instead of Windows terminal

Find out how to configure PHPStorm with GIT Bash. By default, PHPStorm configured to use the default Microsoft command-line tool that comes with Windows. However, it doesn’t support a lot of commands and makes work pretty limited and annoying… PHPStorm with GIT Bash video tutorial You could install and launch GIT Bash in a separate […]

Product Backlog – Explained

What is Product Backlog? That’s a good question to start from if you’re doing your first steps in learning the Agile. In this article and video materials, we will review what is Product Backlog against four major questions: What is Product Backlog? Why we would want to have a Product Backlog? Who manages the Product […]

Vagrant Provisioning – Installing PHP and MySQL

In this Vagrant provisioning tutorial let’s review how to make basic software provisioning for the Vagrant server. If you don’t know how to install Vagrant, please consider watching the previous lesson: How to Install Vagrant on Windows 10? Vagrant provisioning So basically, there are two major steps. We need to create a file where we […]

How to Install Vagrant on Windows 10?

In this Vagrant tutorial, we will review how to install Vagrant quickly for Windows 10 with Virtualbox. First, please make sure to Download and Install the following applications: Git (the latest stable): Vagrant (the latest stable): VirtualBox (the latest stable): When the above applications are installed, it’s time to do the magic. […]

Backlog Refinement (Backlog Grooming) – Explained

Let’s talk about Backlog Refinement, an event in an Agile environment which purpose is to investigate and evaluate the most valuable items of the Product Backlog. This even is also known as Backlog Grooming. So what is Backlog Grooming / Backlog Refinement? It’s rather a series of events in an Agile environment during an active […]

Scrum Events – Overview

Prescribed Scrum Events – let’s quickly review them and their purpose. In total, we have four prescribed Scrum Events. Here is the list of prescribed Scrum Events: 1️⃣ Daily Scrum Length: 15mins; Roles: DevTeam Purpose: Check the progress toward Sprint Goal and highlight the issues which may interfere to reach the goal. Note: This event […]

Effective and Productive Meetings – Three critical factors

Communication is an essential part of all human beings and effective and productive meetings are one of the major parts of communication. Especially it becomes critically important in business life and when you’re in the management role or need to make negotiations with business partners. In this topic, we are going to isolate the three […]