Learn Magento 2 from scratch and build your ecommerce business

Magento 2 Essential Video Training

Released in 2019
Length 4.18 minutes
Knowledge areas


This fundamental course covers everything needed to start e-commerce based business with Magento 2 platform. The following three sections address majority of things needed for solid start of your e-commerce business:

Installation and Configuration (6 Lessons) 
Magento 2 Core Functionality (26 Lessons)
Tweak and Tune-up Magento 2  (7 Lessons)

What is Magento 2?

Magento 2 one of the most powerful and most demand e-commerce platforms all around. It's especially popular among enterprise-level segments where the business requires a solid solution that can handle a hundred thousand customers, millions of orders and be fully scalable.

Who should take is the course?

This course is applicable for anyone no matter whether you have any experience with Magento 2 or not. Especially, the course will be useful for entrepreneurs, marketers and admin user who work with Magento or about to start working with this great e-commerce platform.

What will I learn?

Upon course is finished, student will have solid knowledge how to manage Magento 2 based store and how to set up core e-commerce functionality with Magento 2 from scratch.

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