Agile Scrum

Scrum Events overview

Prescribed Scrum Events – let’s quickly review them

In total, we have four prescribed Scrum Events. Here they are:

1️⃣ Daily Scrum
Length: 15mins;
Roles: DevTeam
Purpose: Check the progress toward Sprint Goal and highlight the issues which may interfere to reach the goal.
Note: This event also is known as Standup, because in some organizations and environments they decided that they want to stand during the event.

2️⃣ Sprint Planning
Length: 2hr/week of Sprint;
Roles: Scrum Team
Purpose: This event is designed for the entire Scrum Team where the main purpose is to set the Sprint Goal and plan the work needed to fulfill the goal.

3️⃣ Sprint Review
Length: 1hr/week of Sprint;
Roles: Scrum Team + Guests
Purpose: This event is designed for the entire Scrum Team and guests (usually represented by stakeholders). The purpose is to analyze the last sprint toward the Sprint Goal and overall review the progress in order to come up with the next steps.

4️⃣ Sprint Retrospective
Length: up to 3/hr;
Roles: Scrum Team only
Purpose: Scrum Team only event, guests aren’t welcome. The team discusses all the aspects of their life including processes, relations, environment etc. in order to understand what they are doing in the right way and what needs to fix, adjusted or either improved.

The above are the prescribed events in Scrum or in other words minimum that can be considered to make Scrum happen. Of course, four events does not address unexpected operational meeting and grooming /or refinement sessions.

If you would like to learn more about Scrum events and probably become a certified Scrum Master, please consider course Scrum in 60 minutes where we will review all the events and overall learn all the fundamentals about Scrum Agile framework.

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