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What is a Scrum Master?


In this article along with the cartoon supplied let’s talk about Scrum Master role and discover the three major areas of Scrum Master responsibilities.

I would like to start with the fact that Scrum Master is a management position (normally as per organization chart this role should be equal to middle management or higher). Though this certainly not the main characteristic of this role, here I would like to highlight this fact because one of the major expectations from Scrum Master is to resolve the obstacles and impediments  (or problems in other words) on the way of Scrum Team.

Still, doubt?

Well, it would be hard or even impossible to expect that someone titled as Scrum Master but without having real power would be able to resolve the problems. Therefore, it’s a management position. More information on this I explained in my other article that could be found here: Can we say that Scrum Master is a Manager?

Now let’s return to the main discussion on what is a Scrum Master. The reason why I decided to start this topic by explaining that Scrum Master is a manager because one of the major areas of responsibility of this role is that:

  1. Scrum Master removes the Obstacles and Impediments on the way of Scrum Team

And by having said that, we should be clear that this role is empowered with management status, though this role should act in a relatively different way which is known and Servant Leadership.

Now let’s talk about the second area, where I would put the Facilitation area. This does include the facilitation of Scrum Team activities for sure, but not limited to only them. Attending the meetings, events, discussions effectively and appropriately is not such an easy thing as it could have seen at first glance. Scrum Master needs to ensure that the right people are involved when needed and all the meetings and events are healthy and effective. This for sure considers that Scrum Master will need to explain to the Scrum Team the purpose of different Scrum events as well as other meetings and discussions and how to attend them effectively. Saying that the second manor area of responsibility would sound as follows:

  1. Scrum Master is the primary facilitator for the Scrum Team

Finally, since we are speaking about someone who is titled as “Master” it definitely considers that this person should be an expert in a particular area. In our case, we are talking about Scrum + Master, so this person should be an expert in Scrum Agile. Based on this, the third major area would be teaching Scrum Team on Scrum Agile.  This does include teaching the team about Scrum framework, values, and principles but it also considers the Agile values and principles and industry-leading best practices. So, the third major area is the following:

  1. Scrum Master teach team on Scrum Agile

The above three are the major Scrum Master responsibilities. And do not forget to watch the cartoon supplied 🙂

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