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Vagrant xDebug PHPStorm – How to : Installation and Configuration guide

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    In this tutorial, we will review how to get configured Vagrant xDebug PHPStorm – all three applications together.

    If you are new to Vagrant, please consider watching the following articles as prerequisites to this one:

    Let’s start Vagrant xDebug PHPStorm

    So, basically, when you have the Vagrant configured with the provisioning in place, all you should do is to create an xDebug config file within “/environment” directory and name it “xdebug.ini”

    touch xdebug.ini

    Then add the basic xDebug configuration into the file:

    !IMPORTANT – make sure to replace IP from to an actual IP address of you Vagrant. Login to Vagrant with the command

    vagrant ssh

    And execute the command below to find the actual IP address

    netstat -rn

    Once the config file is created and updated with an actual IP address of Vagrant box, go ahead and add the following new records to your provisioning config file “/environment/”:

    apt install -y php-xdebug
    cp /var/www/html/environment/xdebug.ini /etc/php/7.2/cli/conf.d/20-xdebug.ini
    systemctl restart apache2

    Reload Vagrant for the new changes to take effect with the command:

    vagrant reload --provision

    If everything is done properly, the only thing that you need to do is to configure your PHPStorm and Install Chrome or Firefox extension for xDebug.

    PHPStorm settings:
    xdebug phpstorm

    Chrome and Firefox plugins:

    When everything is configured, make sure you launch xDebug for PHPStorm and in your Browser. Then set a red dot on the PHP code line that you want to profile and start executing the page/file.

    That’s it!

    Other materials to consider:

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