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Facebook for WooCommerce – can not save product sync setting

I am actively using Facebook for WooCommerce as it does pretty good automation syncing WooCommerce store with a Facebook page and its store. However, I’ve got to a problem when I was needed to configure the exclusion to make sure that products from a particular category would not sync.

Facebook for WooCommerce - can not save product sync setting

Basically, the problem is that “Save changes” button doesn’t work when you try to make some config and save it. It simply does nothing.

I walked around through the forums, reread a number of topics, and realized that it’s a known bug. Hope it will be fixed in one day, but some threads are already refereeing back to 2020th…. And as of yes, that’s not resolved.

How to resolve the problem and make the save settings of Facebook for WooCommerce plugins work?

So here is a workaround that you can use to get the “Save changes” button working:

  1. Make necessary configuration for the Exclusion and Sync options.
  2. Open Chrome DevTools (Keyboard: F12)
  3. Press Control+Shift+P or Command+Shift+P (Mac) to open the Command Menu.
  4. In the Command Menu, start typing “javascript” and choose the option “Disable JavaScript” (as shown on the picture below). Press Enter to run the command. JavaScript is now disabled.Facebook and WooCommerce can't save
  5. Click “Save changes” to save the configuration.


You should get the configuration for Facebook for the WooCommerce plugin saved. This workaround is not ideal, but it does its job even though the plugin has a known bug.



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