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Something went wrong when connecting to Facebook! WooCommerce Integration Issue

Hey everyone! I was getting the error: Something went wrong when connecting to Facebook! And spent a pretty significant amount of time to find out how to resolve that error between WooCommerce and Facebook. In this article, I am going to share my simple recipe for how I got this resolved.

When you guys installing and configuring the new versions of WordPress + WooCommere it also provides an extension for complete Facebook integration. That’s really cool and should simplify the integration process, but there is a chance that you will start getting this error:

Something went wrong when connecting to Facebook!


I’ve spent some time playing with it, but what I found helpful is that you should activate Two-Step Authentication for the account which you use for this integration and the error should disappear. Once I’ve enabled Two-Step Authentication for my Facebook account, I was able to integrate WooCommerce and Facebook.

Hope this will simplify your life!

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  • Valentin says:

    Awesome thanks!

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